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Owner / CEO

Sarah McKee has spent her entire career working with children. At thirteen years old, she began coaching preschool gymnastics to help pay for her own gymnastics competitions. Sarah learned from a young age the value of hard work and the importance of giving back in everything you do. After graduating from college, Sarah continued to coach gymnastics, while also working as a coordinator for a children’s non-profit organization in Los Angeles. With a desire to merge her two passions, Sarah and her husband Sutton McKee, acquired ACE Enrichment in 2016, with the goal of offering every child in Los Angeles and beyond an opportunity to participate in fun, meaningful, high quality educational and athletic programs after school.



Program Director

Torie discovered her passion for working with children when she became a nanny during college. Torie was studying to be a physical therapist, but her newfound love for children and upbringing instilled a desire for her future career to go in a different direction. Growing up, Torie spent most weekdays in a variety of after school extracurricular activities while her single mother juggled multiple jobs. When Torie found ACE, it was a perfect fit. She immediately connected with the mission statement, “ALL children deserve the best opportunities!” Torie officially switched careers and is a vital part of helping create engaging and interactive spaces for students to explore and develop. 


Meet Our Instructors

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